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BookSpine helps you discover and get access to the books that you need.
Our mission is to foster a more conscious society through books.

PKG 1 - Random Books


10-49 pcs


50-99 pcs


100-499 pcs


500-999 pcs


1000+ pcs

1-Well Read (BCS 3-5)₱30.00₱25.00₱15.00₱13.00₱10.00
2-Fair/Acceptable (BCS 6-8)₱70.00₱60.00₱50.00₱48.00₱45.00
3-Good/Gently Used (BCS 9-11)₱140.00₱130.00₱120.00₱115.00₱110.00
4-Very Good/Like New (BCS 12-14)₱170.00₱160.00₱150.00₱145.00₱140.00

These are base rates based on minimum of 2 categories of books (choose from fiction, non-fiction, children’s, or textbooks). For customization, fees will apply.

PKG 2 - Take Your Picks


10-29 pcs


30-49 pcs


50-99 pcs


100-499 pcs


500+ pcs

1-Well Read (BCS 3-5)₱60.00₱45.00₱40.00₱35.00₱30.00
2-Fair/Acceptable (BCS 6-8)₱110.00₱90.00₱75.00₱70.00₱65.00
3-Good/Gently Used (BCS 9-11)₱190.00₱170.00₱160.00₱150.00₱140.00
4-Very Good/Like New (BCS 12-14)₱220.00₱200.00₱190.00₱180.00₱170.00
**Special BooksPlease note that some books on our list may not fall under these categories and will be priced individually. These books may include (but not limited to) book sets or collections, limited edition hardbound books, coffee table books.

Browse all available books at For some books there, the condition is not yet indicated. If you want to inquire first, simply submit an inquiry form. You may also use the order form to inquire. Please refer to the “How to Order / Inquire: Take Your Picks” guide.

What we want to achieve with you


Support a circular economy by ensuring sustainable consumption and circulation of physical books


Support more children for literacy programs through bulk sales of BookDonate books


Enable more income opportunities by promoting book selling as a business or side hustle

Wholesale Program

Who is the program for?

The BookSpine Wholesale Program is perfect for you if:

  • You want to start a side hustle or small business with limited capital (you can start as low as Php 300)
  • You already have a book business and looking for a more sustainable supplier
  • You love boarding books and want to avail wholesale prices
  • You want to start a mini library for yourself, your community, or your organization
  • You have a physical business (like a cafe or coworking space) and want to install a mini library
  • You want to hold a pop-up library or open book bar in an event
  • You want to hold an outreach activity
  • Or you simply just wanna buy lots of books

Join our Mission

Every purchase you make with BookSpine Wholesale helps save books from going to the landfill and supports Filipino children's literacy. Register now!

Registration - Wholesale Program

Frequently Asked Questions

BookSpine Wholesale Program

Wholesale Program is the newest Program that BookSpine offers where it enables its members, distributors, and resellers to access and avail variety of books in bulks in an easier way and in discounted prices.

As of now, we only have the wholesale members. Wholesale members can resell and buy books for personal use or resell on a discount depending on the quantity they will be purchasing but eventually, we will turn it into an actual program with free resources and tools. As for the official distributors, kindly stay tuned for more details as more details about it will be out in the public soon! In the meantime, you can check out other preliminary details included in the welcome kit you'll receive after registering.

Start your wholesale membership journey here: Register now while it is still free!

After registering, you will get access to the member kit for all that you need to know, and will receive weekly emails from us with new arrivals. Joining the Viber community with other wholesale members is optional as of now.

Our wholesale program offers 3 packages, namely: (Package 1.1) Random Books Package - Basic, (Package 1.2) Random Book Package - Customized, (Package 3) Take your Picks. For Package 1.1 Random Books Package - Basic, you get to choose book conditions you want to get but the BookSpine team selects the books in random and you cannot choose specific titles. However, you can still request minimum of 2 preferred main categories but still subject to availability. Package 1.2 Random Book Package - Customized lets you choose minimum of 5 subcategories and/or authors for your purchace but if you prefer a more personalized list of books, then Package 3 Take your Picks is perfect for you because you can choose specific titles to purchase from our published list of available books on our website or exclusive new arrivals. Please also be informed that the minimum number of order is 10 books. Kindly also take note that if you prefer to change some books from the curated list that BookSpine team has curated for you in Packages 1.1 and 1.2, you can opt to replace some titles but it will require a replacement fee worth Php 30 per book. The final amout for the fee will be calculated based on how many books you will ask to replace!

Oh, then you won't be able to avail our exclusive wholesale discount rates! Just add one or more books and you can already avail it.

You need to register first so you can avail of the wholesale rates. Note that registration is free and noncommital!

The duration of order processing depends on the volume of the books ordered and the type pf packages availed! Usually it takes around 3-7 business days. However, do note that the BookSpine team always do their best to immediately process your order for a better customer experience!

If you prefer to change some books from the list that BookSpine team has curated for you in Packages 1.1 and 1.2, you can opt to replace some titles but it will require a customization fee worth Php 30 per book. The final amount for the fee will be calculated based on how many books you will ask to replace!

Yes, you can! You will be assisted by one of our Warehouse Team Members. Should you wish to order directly at our warehouse, kindly message:_____ so we can schedule your visit and give you the address to our warehouse in Makati.

Yes! That is also possible. Should you wish to pick up your orders directly at our warehouse, kindly message: so we can schedule your pickup and give you the address to our warehouse in Makati.

Unfortunately, we currently do not accept dropshipping but as we continue with our program, it will be on our list to explore this measure!

Shipping fee usually depends on the quantity of your books and the distance of your home address from our warehouse in Makati.

Need any help?

We would love to assist you! Contact us via email or Viber:

+63 956 203 9719